Friday, March 03, 2006

Sorry for sparse posting . . .

. . . we finally bought a nice FireWire drive (no more CD-RW backups!) and also the Tiger Mac OSX upgrade, so I've been busy at home with the actual computer itself, doing an "Erase & Install". (Plus, of course, some migraines - !) It's been worth it, though, Tiger is just that much better than Panther, and the graphics display cleaner and more sharply. The drive we bought is a 160G "mini Pal" from Acomdata, it has the same footprint as a mini and makes a tidy pair with it. We've been pretty "late" switching up to Tiger, but we bought the mini last February, and then Tiger came out in April, just too late to get upgrade discs from Apple. And, frankly, Panther is soooo much better than Windows anyway, I didn't mind for a long time. But all the program updates lately are obviously being written with Tiger in mind, so it was pretty clear it was time to upgrade the OS . . . and I am liking it! Dashboard's okay, but I've already been using Spotlight, that is a fabulous feature. And I'm looking forward to getting into Automator.

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