Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Jesuits from the 4th Vow, or, Opus Dei Is For Pansies!

I saw this at the Curt Jester and couldn't resist doing my own linky-post! Enjoy! But, really, go here for the whole thing!

[Kolvenbach:] "On behalf of the Society of Jesus, I ask Sony Pictures to prevent giving scandal by linking the character of “Brother Silas” to Opus Dei and to make him a Jesuit, as is only fitting and proper. For years, we of the Society have remained silent while these upstart punks have run around claiming to be the real power behind the Church. That changes today. . . . Ooh, you own a big building in Manhattan. Like that’s supposed to impress us? Come back when you can do something really impressive, like control all the stolen gold and artwork of the Third Reich. Then we’ll talk!"

The Jesuits from the 4th Vow are the rulers of this planet and have been since 1846. They were formed by the first Black Pope Loyola properly addressed as The Superior General. He swore allegience to the Pope to help destroy their enemies and regain control of the world under one leadership again, which is Roman Catholic for now. Since 1540 they have been feared because the Jesuit Order is the most powerful society on Earth and this is how its kept control amongst what many call the elite. The Jesuits kill Popes which should easily show you their power. Many in the Vatican detest the Society of Jesus and its ways but quite frankly cannot do anything about it. [True enough - Meg.] Once the Pope was made the Infallible Prince that was it, the Jesuits gained control of all the governments etc. This created the final pyramid in order to gain full control, this is how the small rule the few. Popes hate being Infallible as it makes them subject to Rome! The Jesuits have all the knowledge and wealth most of which they steal. Just look at their 4th vow Oath and Instructions its terrible how they think and react.

[Kolvenbach again:] "To sum up, both Sony Pictures and Opus Dei had better sit down and shut up. Know your roles, people. If you’re thinking of defying the will of the Society, maybe you should talk to Princess Diana about how that plays out."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homegirl! How're you doin'?

I only discovered your blog a short time ago, and I'm glad you're in business again. You know, I posted once or twice on your old blog just before you took off for Canada. You're in a perfect position to explain these crazy Canucks to us.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your post on the Jesuits. Very funny.

You know, in one of the episodes of the Sopranos, the head of one of the Mafia families is laid out in a casket with an Opus Dei medal on his rosary. Well, it causes a hilarious squabble between the underboss of this mafia family and the son of the deceased.

Right now, I am reading Breaking the DaVinci Code, by Darrell L. Block, Ph.D., a Protestant. It is introduced by Prof. Francis J. Maloney, S.D.B,D.Phil, a Catholic. This is a good way for the Christian community to deal in concert with some mythology being stated as fact.

Although I am not a Catholic, I've had occasion to work closely with some Catholic priests on a variety of issues. And I have a lot of appreciation for many Catholic practices and dogma.

I'll post again soon. I hope you'll continue to keep them honest up there. We need you as an ambassador.

--Greg outside Dallas

2/27/2006 11:34:00 AM  
Blogger Meg Q said...

I'm so late getting back to you. Sending an e-mail. --I think a good, healthy ecumenism is one thing that can definitely help all Christians of good will. We have differences between us that cannot be brushed away, but at the same time we have common concerns and we should work together where we can. Re: Canada, I am loving it here! Anyone who tried to move here (Alberta, anyway) to escape "the Bushian hatetatorship" would be sorely disappointed. One thing: NOBODY ever says, "You know, the other day Rush said . . ." I was SO sick of that at home.

3/09/2006 03:17:00 PM  

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