Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stephen Harper not the only world leader plugging leaks

There are rumors that there will be a "universal indult" for the Pian ("Old") Mass, and there are rumors quashing those rumors. And other rumors as well. Italian papers have nothin', a strange state of affairs. Well, as Phil Lawler of CWR says, don't believe it until the Vatican announces it.

Papa Ratzi may be turning out to be a more "pastoral" pope than some expected, but he's clearly putting that hard-nosed rep to work inside the Vatican . . .

Vatican remains quiet on Pope's high-level consultations

Vatican, Feb. 14 (CWNews.com) - Vatican officials remained quiet today about the issues discussed at a February 13 meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and the leaders of the Roman Curia.

. . . After the February 13 meeting, however, Vatican officials decline to comment on the plan, or to relay the discussions that had taken place. The Italian media carried only one substantive (but unconfirmed) report about the outcome of the media, saying that the Pope would meet with Curia leaders again on March 23, presumably to continue the discussions.

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