Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cardinal Stickler, 97, celebrates 70th anniversary of ordination


Alfons Maria Cardinal Stickler, S.D.B., the former Vatican librarian and oldest (and well-loved) member of the College of Cardinals, today celebrates his 70th anniversary of ordination. That's a bit amazing when I think about it: He was ordained two years before the beginning of the Second World War. Along with the Holy Father, we are happy to wish him a joyful day and many happy and blessed anniversaries to come, God willing.

Eldest cardinal celebrates 70th anniversary of ordination



Friday, March 23, 2007

If Ahmadinejad didn't like the movie . . .

. . . he sure ain't gonna like this review, even if it's critical -- it's just not critical the way Mad Mahmoud was:

Lessons I learned watching "The 300"

If you're not from Dallas, I bet you didn't know this

Texas is the unlikely home of biggest gay church

Article has the usual boring Reuters slant - why even bring in the Southern Baptist guy at the end? - but is quite interesting. My reaction has always been, of *course* gay people still want to keep going to church, they just don't want to be told being gay is wrong -- which is what you get at most conservative Protestant congregations, including the majority of Baptists, but hardly in most "mainline" Protestant churches (though there, it might not be as socially palatable - but things have changed so much). Of course, the Catholic Church does not object to "orientation" but to "disordered behavior", but people either reject this as a meaningless distinction or else say of course you can't expect people to be continent . . . but I don't want to get into that here. I'm just pointing out that Southern people believe in God and in going to church on Sunday, and they don't stop beliving just because they might be homosexual.

P.S. check out the pictures - the church was designed pro bono by the architect Philip Johnson, though I don't know if the actual building is from his design - that great slab 'o' bell tower is, though.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cathy Seipp, RIP - for real, unfortunately

Well, she fought on for two days, but Miss Seipp is no longer with us. We sure will miss her.

Mark Steyn on the Black trial

Mark Steyn is blogging the Conrad Black (and co.) trial for Macleans. Fascinating stuff (I mean that seriously). So far, it seems that if the prosecution doesn't get their act together, this is definitely going to go Lord Black's way. Of course, it seems to me this is all your basic trumped-up overzealous-American-prosecutor nonsense, and the one person who really should be on trial (if, indeed, anyone should, which I doubt) is David Radler, the man the government's given immunity to. Good job. Anyway, Mark always keeps a fair score, so check it out.

(I note that Macleans has been advertising this coverage in the Post this week, in two-color spots, with a nice leonine photo of Lord Black and, when the ad can fit it, a sharp pic of Mark. Nice ad, very attention-grabbing. Imagine advertising your blog coverage! But there you are. Theresa Tedesco, herself, in the Post, is also doing a good job every day on the trial.)

New Archbishop for Edmonton

The Vatican announced today that Bishop Richard William Smith of Pembroke, Ontario, is to be the new archbishop of Edmonton. Young fella - 47 - and originally from out east. Don't really know about him, being so young seems to be a good sign. I just hope he's a good shepherd. And has some thermal underwear and a sturdy parka. Molto grazies to Rome that we didn't have to wait too long, though.

Why do I get the feeling . . .

. . . that Bob Novak is just peeved with the whole Plame game at this point?

"'300' Fact or Fiction?"

Victor Davis Hansen takes a very interesting look at the new film and its critics, from the viewpoint of a classics scholar.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thompson groundswell growing . . .

Hmmm . . . [strokes chin] . . . hmmm . . .

After all, not only has he been a senator, he's also been a take-charge admiral and a very successful NY DA and . . .

No, just kidding, but this article at AmSpec has some food for thought. Right now, knowing nothing more, I'd definitely vote for him over any other contender in the field. Fred Thompson for president, Ronald Reagan for vice-president? (if you know the joke I mean) Yes, it's enough to get me "excited about the hunt for a Fred October".

Cathy Seipp, RIP (er -- stop the press!)

Cathy Seipp, the funny and feisty writer you may have read at NRO or seen (briefly) on Dennis Miller's CNBC show, is in a very advanced stage of cancer. Apparently they took her oxygen mask off yesterday evening (i.e., Monday the 19th) and the doctor expected it would happen quickly, but it seems she's been hanging in there (she *is* a fighter) and as yet there is no "official" word of anything. She's too wonderful a writer (and, from all the testimonials pouring in, a person) to lose, so I'm going to take up Jim Treacher's line: Until I see an "official" announcement, "I refuse to talk about her in the past tense".

We're praying for you, Cathy.

You've got a Mac. You want Apple TV . . .

. . . do you have the right television?

Never fear, Macworld is here to help you select the perfect TV to go with your new Apple TV box (now shipping!). Check it out.

Picking an HDTV for your Apple TV