Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cathy Seipp, RIP (er -- stop the press!)

Cathy Seipp, the funny and feisty writer you may have read at NRO or seen (briefly) on Dennis Miller's CNBC show, is in a very advanced stage of cancer. Apparently they took her oxygen mask off yesterday evening (i.e., Monday the 19th) and the doctor expected it would happen quickly, but it seems she's been hanging in there (she *is* a fighter) and as yet there is no "official" word of anything. She's too wonderful a writer (and, from all the testimonials pouring in, a person) to lose, so I'm going to take up Jim Treacher's line: Until I see an "official" announcement, "I refuse to talk about her in the past tense".

We're praying for you, Cathy.

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