Thursday, October 25, 2007

Okay, Alberta, you asked for it:

Alberta to boost royalties by $1.4-billion

I thought Ed Stelmach wasn't going to implement the Review to the last letter, and he didn't. So now he can say to the oil companies, hey, I'm trying to help you guys here!, and then he can say to the voters, hey, I got more money out of the oil companies for you! Mr. Stelmach prays a lot with the pastor of our parish, and last night at a prayer meeting my husband was at, Father asked everyone to pray for the premier and for the province, and said he felt that it was a rather "Solomonic" choice in front of the premier. When my husband came home and told me that, he and I just looked at each other, remembering our analyses of the situation in the last week, and then both nodded our heads, without saying anything. So I am thoroughly unsurprised at the result.

Don't they say never look a gift horse in the mouth? Well, Albertans have been poking and prodding those horse teeth for a couple of years now, and I guess feel that it's time to bring in the government as veterinary dentist (if I can extend this that far). Hey, I just want property prices to go down - remember, that's my fair share!

The Post (which is quite a pro-business paper) had a nice little line at the veeerrry end of the article I linked to above, perfect understatement: The government expects some slowdown in activity from the new measures. Um, quite.

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