Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kennedy Annulment (or, rather, Non-Annulment) Confirmation

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,
I see you're blogging again. The wife and I just got back from Chicago. I hope you're doing well.

Well, I think I've been at pains on your site to make sure that I have expressed my appreciation for the Catholic Church even though I am not a Catholic.

Let me hasten to say that the clergy have more trouble with me than they do atheists, because I simply regard Protestant and Catholic clergy as both being legitimate heirs to the Christian tradition, and I am equally comfortable with the idea that either could be my pastor. (I find they simply don't know how to react to this... you know, it's all one big fight in which someone has to win, and the choice has to be made... sorry, I'm perfectly happy with both of you.)

Now having stated the above, I have to say that this annulment issue and even particularly with the current situation (I read what's happening to Kathy Shaidle) is simply one of those issues that dissuades many Protestants from taking a closer look at the Catholic Church.

Who among us hasn't known crazy situations that have arisen because of this annulment process, and even when there are children involved. As much as I admire the Catholic Church (somebody once told me my problem is that I prefer Catholic practice and Protestant theology), I confess to having enormous disapproval for Vatican bureaucrats who so carelessly stick to their theoretical guns when real people already belabored have to undergo such emotionally traumatic experiences.

And now that in the Kennedy case there has been an eccleciastical reversal, it smacks of the worst kind of Kafkaesque nightmare that bureaucracies can grant to the priviliged. This kind of thing hurts the Church's reputation year and after, and why they don't stop it and come to a more realistic and considered practice is beyond my ken...

-- Greg in Dallas

6/22/2007 09:32:00 PM  

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