Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alberta oil royalties info coming this afternoon

Before we hear about it, let me just say one thing to my fellow Albertans:


There, that felt better.

I could go on about how many billions per year are already knocking around Edmonton unspent and the government's going to do this for another (maybe) lousy $2b, or that whole killing-the-golden-goose thing, but I won't. And you know why?

Because if Alberta is now a place where it's I-want-what's-coming-to-me, well, my husband is tenured at a nice pay grade. So what do I care? Ha! Plus (and this is what I'm really hoping for), if the economy craters, we'll be able to afford a nice house here instead of a shack.

So bring on the royalty hike! Because I want a cheaper real estate market - that's my fair share.


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