Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mark Steyn on the Black trial

Mark Steyn is blogging the Conrad Black (and co.) trial for Macleans. Fascinating stuff (I mean that seriously). So far, it seems that if the prosecution doesn't get their act together, this is definitely going to go Lord Black's way. Of course, it seems to me this is all your basic trumped-up overzealous-American-prosecutor nonsense, and the one person who really should be on trial (if, indeed, anyone should, which I doubt) is David Radler, the man the government's given immunity to. Good job. Anyway, Mark always keeps a fair score, so check it out.

(I note that Macleans has been advertising this coverage in the Post this week, in two-color spots, with a nice leonine photo of Lord Black and, when the ad can fit it, a sharp pic of Mark. Nice ad, very attention-grabbing. Imagine advertising your blog coverage! But there you are. Theresa Tedesco, herself, in the Post, is also doing a good job every day on the trial.)

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