Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shut uuuuup!!!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving (we have it on Friday evening here, since my husband doesn't have Thursday off), had to pass this along:

'Shut up' is hit ringtone in Spain

MADRID, Spain - Many Spaniards were so amused when their king told Venezuela's president to "shut up" they want to hear the words every time their phone rings.

About half a million people have downloaded a mobile phone ringtone featuring the phrase "Por que no te callas?" or "Why don't you shut up?" leading Madrid daily El Pais reported on its Web site Monday.

That's what King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during a heated confrontation at a summit in Chile last week.

The ringtone is thought to have generated around $2.2 million for the companies selling it, El Pais said.

Su Majestad rocks. That is all.


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