Friday, February 24, 2006

Why we have horrible packaging - and how to attack it

One (ONE) part of the New York Times that I do like is the tech column written by David Pogue. While reading Dom Bettinelli's blog this week, I was reminded of a Pogue article I meant to link to here earlier this month.

Weapons in the Fight Against Hard-to-Open Packaging

The March issue of Consumer Reports includes a feature article called "The Oyster Awards: CR's picks for America's hardest-to-open packages." It denounces those hard, transparent plastic clamshell packages that hang in stores--and that are next to impossible to open.

"We're talking literally teeth, fingernails, knives, wire cutters pliers, hacksaws, ice picks--whatever it takes to get the job done," says the introduction.

The article actually denounces all kinds of ridiculous packaging, including toys lashed to their backing with 450 twist-ties, inner cereal bags that explode when tugged apart and so on. The grand prize winner of the Oyster Awards, however, is the damnable hard-plastic clamshell, which has been the object of my ridicule and loathing--in the Times and at home--for several years now.

Just go check it out . . .

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