Monday, February 06, 2006

Cartoon fracas: The most hilarious post I've read in a long time

Bonus: It's from an Egyptian guy! Sandmonkey is a great blog that I was put onto by (of course) Relapsed Catholic. Feel the love, man!

The Vodafone conspiracy

SM: . . . Wasn't there a [phone text] message last week how there was supposed to be a demonstration where the danes were supposed to burn the Koran that last Friday? And wasn't there another message informing us of such an incident the tuesday before?
BP: Yeah. I know. Who sends this shit?
SM: You know who I think sends this? Vodafone.
BP: You know, that wouldn't surprise me.
SM: Seriously, if I was working there I would be the one sending it out and using the stupidity of the egyptian populace to make money. Imagine how many people forward that shit. Huge SMS revenue. Mobinil is probably in on it too.

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