Friday, February 03, 2006

Can you handle the cartoons?

Well, I'm sure I don't agree with all of the opinions expressed in these cartoons (the turban with the fuse?). However, some are, by Western standards anyway, either downright benign (Mohammed with the crescent "halo", Mohammed and the donkey) or making an important statement (the cartoonist shaking, in fear or something like it, while drawing his cartoon -- all too apt, as it turned out). That's why I'm taking part in Michelle Malkin's blogburst, and publishing those three cartoons I mentioned above. I copied the large image of all the cartoons from, and the image links to a good article there which gives the best context I've yet seen about what Jyllands-Post was actually trying to do with this project. To Muslims everywhere, I'd say: I can understand if you're upset, but why is it always "death to the infidel"? This isn't like the Kanye West-Rolling Stone cover, the J-P was actually trying to do something here, and the nasty protests just seem to prove that Muslims can't handle criticism or press freedom. (Note I said seem to prove, not actually prove.) I don't want to lump all Muslims in together, but OTOH when do the more rational Muslims start speaking out? Or can you just not get press attention? That would be understandable, and if that's the problem, check out Get Religion. 'Cause most of the press doesn't. Get Religion is based in the U.S. and is therefore focused on Christianity, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind hearing from some decent Muslims.



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