Saturday, January 28, 2006

BTW: Two good letters from Steyn's post-elections letters, round 2

MAPLE MAILBOX -- More reader reaction to the incoming Scary Stephen regime:

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It's a happy day for us here in Canada, though we urbanites in Ontario still don't appear to get it. Interesting that Toronto will have no representation in this upcoming Parliament.

I must disagree with your disappointment in Belinda winning her seat back. On the contrary, I can't imagine anything more schadenfreudelicious than watching her take her old seat on the opposition side. It will be interesting to see how long it takes her to resign.

On the other hand, who ever thought we would be glad to see Hedy Fry take her seat again?

I am seeing your picture quite a bit in the National Post these days. Any chance we will be reading you again?

Sue Gavin


(Scroll waaaaaay down):


Thank you for your column in The Australian. It cheered me up a bit.

The perceived wisdom was that anyone depressed on Tuesday must have been a Liberal. No so. I was depressed at the thought of so many people voting Liberal despite the corruption, the lies, and their campaign. I guess I overestimated the intelligence of voters, which, in my defense, is easy to do, even for pessimists. I heard no less than three times since Monday that the Conservatives would run a deficit. There's way too much Kool Aid here in the centre of the universe.


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