Friday, January 27, 2006

Ah, mamma mia, Leonardo!!!

As they say, it is a "Da Vinci" pile-on . . . (some of that real Leonardo tie-in stuff looks kind of cool though . . .)

The 'Da Vinci' Cash Cow

For book publishers, the most provocative question raised by the upcoming movie version of "The Da Vinci Code" is: Can a three-year-old best seller that has already been endlessly milked for profits yield one more windfall for the industry?

With the film opening in May, the publishing industry is placing one of its biggest bets ever on the staying power of a blockbuster book. Publishers are using the movie's release to anchor numerous "Da Vinci"-related titles and tie-ins, including the novel's first U.S. paperback run. And all of them are trying to harness the selling power of the most successful novel in recent memory, with an estimated 40 million copies in print world-wide.

Down at the bottom, all too true:

. . . "This is a book that is being bought by people who only buy one or two books a year."

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