Friday, February 03, 2006

Hamas promises protection for Christians after Islamic Jihad threats

From Catholic World Report:

Gaza, Feb. 03 ( - Christians in the Gaza Strip are uneasy after threats by Islamic Jihad to attack Christian churches, seeking vengeance for the publication of cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed in European newspapers.

Hamas, the militant group which recently swept to victory in Palestinian elections, has decried the threats, and promised to protect the Christian minority in Gaza.

I hope this is evidence of Hamas' standing up to its new responsibilities as the elected government of the Palestinian people -- ALL of the Palestinians, whether Muslim, Christian, agnostic, or (for all I know) Buddhist. It may just be posturing against a rival group, but its hard to see how it would win them much in this fetid atmosphere, so I'm very inclined to give them credit for this (like they care whether I give them credit or not . . . but, hey, Hamas, as the U.S. soldiers in Iraq will tell you, it's all about hearts and minds, you know?).

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