Monday, February 06, 2006

Of course, perhaps this is just how people in the Middle East (and other parts) show anger

If the ferry disaster had happened in the U.S., for example, the families would have sicced a pack of trial lawyers on the company by now. Hmmmm . . . not certain which is the more civilized response . . . (ha ha, lawyer joke, people).

Egyptians torch ferry firm office

SAFAGA, Egypt (Reuters) - Egyptians awaiting news of relatives who were aboard an Egyptian ferry which sank in the Red Sea last week set fire on Monday to the office of the firm which owned the vessel, witnesses said.

Police used tear gas to drive away the people, who had attacked the office of the el Salam Maritime Transport Company outside the Egyptian Red Sea port of Safaga.

. . . The authorities have deployed hundreds of riot police to block the entrance to the port, where the ferry had been due to dock. It had been sailing from Saudi Arabia and most of the passengers were Egyptian workers.

I should be nicer. This is truly a disaster of Mubarakian proportions, and think of those poor workers -- it's bad enough that they have to leave home and go work in Arabia (for their Islamic "brothers", ha), but then they die on this cheap-ass ferry going home. God have mercy on them.

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