Friday, January 20, 2006

More on the Fairlane

From last year - this walk-through from sums up nicely.

Here are some pics I downloaded from

Pretty enough for the girls, handsome enough for the guys.

All ready for the tailgate party! (Do the baskets come with? I hope so!!)

ford_fairlane_06 interior 2
A shot of the "suicide doors" (which may or may not last into production) with an interesting bit: Often in concept cars, designers leave out the "B" pillar and put on suicide doors, so you have a nice unobstructed view of the interior of the vehicle. This is obviously more of a pre-production vehicle (IMO) because of the B pillar there. The doors may not necessarily go away - the Honda Element is a current production vehicle with suicide doors, and without a B pillar, for that matter (see here: 2005 Honda Element). Gen-X'ers like me, current mommies and daddies, are pretty nuts about suicide doors - we remember those Lincoln Continentals that were around when we were little. They're icons in Gen-X-made indie movies and comix. We'll see . . .

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