Friday, January 20, 2006

One step closer to my dream car

I absolutely fell in love with the Ford Fairlane concept last year, and it was more than a little frustrating that Ford muckety-mucks "hinted" that the thing would go somewhat straight into production within two years. So since last January, I've been waiting for this - kindly tipped to me by my dad, who helped make me a car junkie almost as bad as himself . . .

(Of course, my secret theory about Bill Ford, environmentalist, is that he's really driving Ford into the ground in an effort to stop the internal combustion engine, especially since fuel cells are a pipe dream and - ask Toyota - you get nowhere with hybrids unless you subsidize the heck out of them. Because the Fords themselves must have their money in diverse investments, they could "afford" to lose the Ford Motor Co. investment. It's just a hunch, but it explains a lot, doesn't it? We'll see about this "restructuring plan". Seriously, of course, I want them to stay alive because I want my Fairlane!!!)

Ford to pursue new look for minivans: source

DETROIT (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co., which is gearing up to unveil its turnaround plan on Monday, is likely to announce a new direction for its sluggish minivan line-up, a person familiar with the automaker's product plan said on Friday.

The No. 2 U.S. automaker will move away from the traditional minivan look, characterized by sliding doors and a truck platform, and pursue a design similar to the Fairlane concept wagon that it revealed at the Detroit auto show last year, the person said.

The vehicle had three rows of seats, was based on a car platform, and looked more like a larger station wagon. The automaker called the Fairlane a "people mover."

Ford, facing a deepening financial crisis, will announce a comprehensive restructuring plan on Monday that will include plant closings and layoffs, as well as present its fourth-quarter earnings.

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