Friday, April 21, 2006

Why it's called "The Walk of Shame"

I meant to link to this awhile ago.

One-night stands immoral, say 9 in 10 women

I remember mentioning "the walk of shame" in passing to the husband not long ago. It was not a term he was familiar with (hardly surprising, since it's primarily used by women among women) and he said, "Walk of shame? I didn't know women today had any shame." Of course, he was going on how girls act in his classes, in front of . . . boys. (I told him he did not know women very well, which he was willing to admit.)

Dr Hinchcliffe said that if anything the women in their early thirties were more negative about one-night stands than those of women in their fifties.

And I'd bet women in their early twenties are even more negative than women my age . . .


Blogger Linda said...

OK, I'm probably proving my total geekiness, but what is the Walk of Shame?

4/24/2006 02:56:00 PM  

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