Monday, April 10, 2006

Just a couple of questions, and a statement

I see from today's Vatican Info Service that the Holy Father is going to Poland. So I've just got a couple of questions.

1. Can I go, too? Huh? Please? I mean, Ja dowiedział się niewiele Język polski słowa i wszystek, uczyć się większa ilość jeżeli Ja ma. (Really bad attempt at Polish fuelled by the free English-Polish translator at Poltran.) Whatever I need to bring along. I've already gotten really good with proper names since I got married and became a "ski", believe me.

2. So, Wadowice. Not like Benedict wasn't going to go there on this "Catholic Highlights of Lower Poland" tour; however, I await the further announcement of any particular ceremonies relating to the venerable Servant of God Karol Wotyła, His Holiness John Paul II, a confessor of the Faith, of happy memory. Uhhh, don't have any "inside info", I'm just saying.

I'm not joking, though, I really would like to go to Poland. I thought it was a pretty cool country when I was younger, and now that I'm married to man who's half-Polish, it's even cooler (if that's possible, which it is).

(And if you said, "Kalwaria Zebrzydowska?", don't worry too much. Even my husband had it momentarily confused with Jasna Gora at Czestochowa. [And how, husband? This is Our Lady of *Calvary* - Kalwaria, right?] But if it's not "as" important as Czestochowa, then it's right up there behind it. And it's becoming *very* connected with the cult of the venerable John Paul II . . . see question 2, above . . . )

As for my statement, well, watch out for the dern secular media on this trip. I'm already seeing it in my mind's eye: "Pope, former Nazi soldier, at Auschwitz". And those are the nice headlines. I'd bet that's what he'd be called. Which would be about as accurate as calling my father-in-law, a Polish boy pressed, as so many were, into acting as a German ammunition-carrier, a "Nazi soldier". Am I wrong in reacting thus to yet-unwritten headlines? Given recent history, and the English-speaking media's proven inability to understand Catholic issues, I'd have to say . . .

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