Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring is springing - con't

Ahhhh . . . the snow's melted up here, we've had glorious weather this week (even tho' it's overcast and a bit rainy today). But nothing will really start to bloom until after the first of May. So I was delighted to see this lovely post at Argent by the Tiber. Azaleas and, to a much lesser extent, dogwood bloom are a beautiful part of spring back in Dallas - in early to mid-March. I found myself missing it back then; I'm enjoying being reminded of it right now.

Current reading: Gardening Month by Month in Alberta
Fun facts per Environment Canada:
Average last date for killing frost in Edmonton: May 7
Growing season in Edmonton: 138 days (longest in Alberta, but still seems crazy short to someone who grew up way south of here)

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