Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Extremely BIG baby/royals news

Japan's Princess Kiko Expecting Child

Holy cow. Out of left field, as we Americans (and the baseball-crazed Japanese?) say. Very not-expected expecting news. Good news, yet. But very surprising. Hard to believe the Palace announced it this early, either - says the baby's due in "September or October". I would think it would be a good idea to get through the first trimester before making an announcement, but . . .

On the good side, maybe Crown Princess Masako herself could conceive another child with more "pressure" taken off if Kiko has a boy. And it could spur a "fashion" for babies . . . Japan sure could use such a fashion, and how. On the down side . . . hey, I'm a conservative, but a Burkean conservative. You've gotta know what to conserve, right? Peeps can't seriously be calling for a return to the concubine! (Oh, that would help Masako out a lot - but then, I know, the point is not Masako's feelings but the birth of a male heir.)

Look, you live in the modern world now. Pass the damn succession bill already. And start making more babies of your own, or you won't have to worry about emperors of any sex much longer.

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