Saturday, December 17, 2005

Browser Wars - my personal truce

Back in the Dark Ages, when I was stuck with PCs, I downloaded the "ad version" of Opera as soon as I used a computer long enough for it to be "mine" in any way. (Now, of course, you can get it free, and I hear it's even better.) Ever since I've had the Mac, I've been noodling around with Safari, almost a year now. I really liked it, especially once I added Bookdog to it, which adds tons to its functionality (US$14.95 and worth it). But round about the first of October, I started fiddling with Firefox, and, well, that has been a whole other ball of wax. The main problem right now is that there are a lot of great browsers out there right now; you just kind of have to fiddle with a couple, see what you like, and go with it.

Anyway, this brings us all to Camino. I wanted to use a "Service" (a Mac feature) for MacGourmet, a recipe program (which I also highly recommend), but it isn't available (yet) on the Firefox file menu. Heard it would work in Camino, so I finally downloaded the latest build on Tuesday night, and now I feel about it like I feel about my Mac: I'm never, never, never going back!!! My main complaint right now is a) inability to alpha bookmarks (as far as I can see) and b) compatibility issues with some sites - but I keep Safari around for that. Oh, and c) the MacGourmet Clipping Service doesn't show up!!! Well, they're working on it . . . at least it works in Safari.

So, to sum up: If you're a Mac person, I really, really recommend Camino as a primary browser, with Safari for any incompatible sites (everything is compatible with Safari now, even my husband's cranky old Canadian bank website). If you use a PC, Firefox is definitely the way to go, if you like to mod; though I would give Opera a spin and check the recommendations at PCWorld and PC Magazine as to what's hot. Oh, boy, though, Camino! Mac people, get yourselves over to their dev site (it's a Mozilla project) and let's get it on!

(Internet Explorer? What's that???)

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