Sunday, December 04, 2005

Montréal Massacre

This is one of those things that almost no one in the States has ever heard of, but is a huge secular memorial in Canada. It's unavoidable. And I'm sure it was a horrible tragedy. But have the right lessons been drawn? The only thing I've ever found about this event that makes any sense of it is this column by (the great) Mark Steyn, the publication of which on his website is getting to be as much of an early December tradition as St. Nicholas Day, or the fetishization of the Montréal Massacre . . .

REQUEST OF THE WEEK — We are all guilty!

. . . whatever honour we do the dead, we spend as much time dishonouring the living -- or at least the roughly 50% of Canadians who happen to be male: For women's groups, the Montreal Massacre is an atrocity that taints all men, and for which all men must acknowledge their guilt. Marc Lepine symbolizes the murderous misogyny that lurks within us all.

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