Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mr. Ripley, call your office: Democrats once opposed Saddam, supported Bush!

And in American politics - finally, the RNC does something that is simultaneously combative, clever, and creative! And no schmaltz. Geez, that's what you people picked Ken Mehlman for, isn't it??? Just went up Monday; if this takes the blogosphere by storm, it may actually affect the real world . . . we'll see. I don't care for most internet videos - besides JibJab cartoons - but this is a good'un. In today's "Best of the Web", we learn (as if we didn't know) that the Democrats are caving to this whole stupid "Bush lied" thing faster than a sinkhole in metro Orlando, and God knows I'm tired of that meme already (I mean, besides its not being true and everything).

Democrats: Dishonest on Iraq (under "Video" on this page)

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