Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Great Moments in Television, courtesy your Liberal government

Monte, if you're ever kicked out of government, you could make a go of it writing comedy in the States, believe me.

Changing the channel

Sure [Adscam] was quality Canadian TV programming, but that always costs money. The program development alone cost over $100 million, and production expenses for Justice Gomery were, what, $72 million? Anyway, it was a nice break from watching the Beachcombers. . . .

Who was the Prime Minister when that Adscam thing was on TV. Oh ya it was that Relic guy wasn't it? And who was the Finance Minister who didn't know that it was happening right under his nose? It was either Gordon Pinsent, or it was the guy from the Goodyear tire commercials. Al Waxman was in that too I think.

Anyway it was just TV and TV is just make believe and I'm getting a tax cut so I think I'll go meet the guys at Tim's and talk politics. You know you just can't trust that Harper guy.

And . . . SCENE. Wow, is that tone-perfect or what? If I was a conservative politician in Canada, my humo[u]r would have run out a long time ago.

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