Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Some reality on Chretien and Martin

If you think Jean Chretien is going to let Paul Martin hang him and his buddies out to dry and then walk away, then you've got another thing coming. I've learned enough of Canadian politics to know that "da liddle guy from Shawinigan" will make sure that if he goes down, then those he dislikes go down with him. Now we all know there's no love lost between him and the current PM, also he has to be resenting how Gomery implicates him and his buds and "exonerates" PMPM. Personally, I would not want to get between Jean Chretien and a full head of resentment . . . if there is anything to be "known" that ain't in the report, you know it's coming out between now and the election, and I'm sure Jean Chretien wouldn't mind sacrificing the Liberal Party itself at this point, if Judgment Day is coming down anyway.

Also, isn't this totally embarrassing for the Prime Minister? "Yes, I was the Finance Minister, but I was so cut off from the Prime Minister that I had absolutely no clue about this huge program they were running in my home province with federal money over several years. Nope, no clue whatsoever. Too busy figuring out how to renege on our promise to kill the GST and keep the loonie artificially low." Good thing he has the CBC covering for him.

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Anonymous greenmamba said...

Looks like you're right - Chretien's suing because he says Gomery was biased.

He could have done this at any point but waited to see the results.

Where I KNOW he lied was when he praised himself for keeping Canada out of Iraq. Canada was set to go until the last minute when Quebec (who else) effectively said "no."

I'm angry right now (in the great bland east).

11/01/2005 03:48:00 PM  

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