Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miss Miers takes the fall

Executive privilege - it's as good a reason as any other. Not that anyone's buying, but a nice try. Anyway, if anyone's going to take a bullet for G. W., it's Harriet.

If you didn't see this coming, you need to sharpen up your Washington skills. And if the President is really surprised, then he can just chalk it up to that blind spot, the one that makes him think "Brownie's" "good job", seeing into Putin's "soul", and other unusual nonsense comes from the same place as his usual good judgment. I still think this was all about "payback" for Alberto; Harriet being a "palate cleanser" for a "real" candidate is a second choice, but I think Bush expended too much capital on this fracas for that to be an option.

P.S. Charles Krauthammer gave us the playbook for this last weekend. Smart fellow. Coincidentally, he was profiled today in the National Post's "Beautiful Minds" series. Smart and very interesting fellow.

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