Thursday, October 27, 2005

Communion for the divorced and remarried: How many ways to say no?

Aw. Poor Cardinal Kasper no likey the Synod outcome. "I cannot imagine that the discussion is closed. It is a question that exists, and we have to reflect on it in order to be able to respond," he said. Well, you all just spent three weeks talking about things, including this, I'd give it a rest for a little while if I were you, Walter. But no.

Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, apparently was not too thrilled either with his brother cardinal's taking up the drumbeat again on the day after the Synod's close, and took the step of giving an interview to an Italian secular daily, La Repubblica, to make his concerns known:

He explained: "Those who say they are divorced and remarried-- because their [second] marriage is not a true marriage-- are in an objective situation which is contrary to the law of God, and does not allow them to approach Communion." . . . The Colombian prelate concluded that "no modification of this doctrine is possible." He added: "This is not a question that is in debate, or can be debated."

He then made nicey-nice with Cardinal Kasper:

Clearly hoping to ease a conflict with his Vatican colleague, Cardinal Lopez Trujillo told La Repubblica that Cardinal Kasper is "a great theologian." He suggested that perhaps the German cardinal had sought to accentuate the pastoral needs of the couples who are divorced and remarried, and "what he said was not well understood."

Mmmmmm, perhaps, my good Cardinal.

Is this that hard? I mean, even those who didn't agree with the formal declaration of the Assumption and Infallibility soon either submitted or parted ways, but Western bishops have been going on about this for over twenty years. How about this, guys: Why don't you spend the next twenty years catechizing your flock about what marriage is all about, and why one shouldn't rush into it, and the problems of divorce and remarriage? Just a suggestion.

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