Tuesday, October 11, 2005

One of the prettiest Hermès scarves I've ever seen

Now, I can't afford to go around buying Hermès scarves all the time (or, really, just about any time). But I've received a few over the years and, well, there's nothing like them. And they really are beautiful. I enjoy looking at this one site, luxury-scarves.com, which is run by a very nice Swiss fellow; he always has interesting scarves available, and it's as good for education about Hermès scarves as it is for buying them. He's just put up this absolutely beautiful scarf:

Le Langage Du Fleurs1

Le Langage Du Fleurs
Rare and exceptional scarf from 1937, the first year Hermes produced scarves. It has a red border and green and white background with yellow, purple, lilac, pink, grey and blue details. The colors are vivid and the printing is very charming! The size is smaller than the scarves of today and measures 30.5"(77cm) square. It is not silk twill, but a plain, finely woven silk. The condition is pristine. A collectors dream!

It can be yours for a cool €1200, or US$1,500.

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