Monday, October 03, 2005

Keeping Piglet, er, Kosher

Well, this one has definitely taken the blogosphere by storm. And I'm doing my bit - putting my design skills to work to make attractive support banners for anyone who wants them. From top to bottom, they're 200, 150, and 100 pixels wide. The images link to my Flickr account, so please go there, copy the image for yourself in the size you want, and put it on your own server/acct/etc. - play nice! Attribution is cool, but not required - just keep our little pink friends in the public eye.




Update: Here's a button if you prefer that sort of thing:

free piglet

And remember - no matter how much you love Piglet, Wilbur, Arnold Ziffel, Gub-Gub, Gaston et Josephine, Babe, the Empress, Pigling Bland, and all the others - there ain't nothing like a nice BLT. Unless it's an Easter ham. Mmmm-mmmm. I'll fight dhimmitude to my last breath, because it's absolutely against my deeply held religious beliefs, but also because you are going to have to pry my BLT out of my cold dead hands. And dispose of it yourself. And burn it with my stuffed Piglet and my copies of Charlotte's Web and Pigs Have Wings.

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