Saturday, October 01, 2005

It's all about the grassroots, baby

Now, this is a serious post. Short, sharp (for a politically-minded fellow), heartfelt. And he's quite right. The Conservatives have to figure out who they are and "sell" that. The Liberals might be SOBs - everyone knows they are - but they benefit from "the SOB you know" syndrome. You and I might realize that Stephen Harper is a fellow you can trust, but if he can't get a message together and keeps generating cranky letters to the Post from borderline-Conservative constituencies in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces, well, what good does that do? Just be conservative, for gosh sakes! Forget the media, forget the polls, forget the focusing, find some heart and some reality. Monte Solberg's blog is my A-#1 example (it's over in my sidebar there). Genius. Tell it like it is, with charity and with humor, but don't pull punches and don't play games. You'll get it. Living here, I have strong hopes for Canadians - things can change. But you have to find your own positive, Canadian, conservative vision, and get out there and sell it.

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