Monday, October 03, 2005

Madam Justice Kennedy? (or, O'Connor Redux)

Well, Bush had to fill "the O'Connor slot", but he didn't have to fill it so faithfully. David Frum has it about right here. Now, Harriet Miers is a real nice lady from Dallas, but, to be honest, I mostly remember her as a RINO and a Dallas city councilwoman. I wouldn't go all pinning any strong conservative hopes on her. So - George heard us and didn't put up Alberto; he just put up a different crony. Um, yeah, okay, George. I just hope she doesn't "grow" too much. Hometown reaction is here: Bush taps Dallas native; Legal community overjoyed; Reaction to Harriet Miers' nomination. (Note: I would also take with a grain of salt her contributions to Lloyd Bentsen and Al Gore; Lloyd Bentsen was a relatively-conservative boll-weevil pork-getter, and she contributed to Al Gore in 1988, when he was the conservative Southern Democrat choice, before all this earth-in-the-balance folderol and when he was still kind of tentatively anti-abortion [I won't say, exactly, pro-life]. Not my ideal candidates back then, but not like contributing to them or their heirs today, either.)

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