Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why we love Nino Scalia

Father Neuhaus hits it on the head:

I confess he is among my favorite people. Not only because he is so smart but because he is unpretentious and unintimidated by those who are not. As noted in a recent book review in FIRST THINGS, his dissents on the Court are often deliciously wicked debunkings of the ponderous opinions of his colleagues who, with furrowed brow and much chin-pulling, manufacture from imagined constitutional emanations and penumbra laws to their liberal liking.
Father mentions Scalia because of the justice's article in the upcoming November issue - so now I definitely have to buy that one!

First Things' "new" blog, "On the Square" (it's right there on the magazine's home page), is coming along nicely, and Fr. Neuhaus as always is a treat to read.

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