Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Msgr Gaenswein "inspiration" for Donatella Versace

Well, those of us who were Ratzinger fans from way back always knew that Fr, now Msgr, Georg Gaenswein, was, speaking objectively, a very good-looking man of the cloth. Since Ratzinger's elevation to the Chair of St. Peter, the wider world has also discovered this, and while the Pope has made waves with his Prada shoes and sunglasses, Msgr Gaenswein has attracted quite the secular following with his good looks and (like his boss) his austere but well-tailored image (Barbiconi, I believe).

Now comes word that Donatella Versace's latest menswear collection, just unveiled in Milan, was primarily inspired by Msgr Gaenswein.

“I was thinking of an austere, severe and ethical man. I find Father Georg’s austerity very elegant,” said Ms Versace.

Word, girlfriend. Check out the entire article at the Times Online: Meet the inspiration for the latest Versace look - the Pope's secretary

Diogenes offers his take here: clerical chic

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