Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Laugh out loud . . .

James Taranto had a couple of things today that made me laugh out loud . . . under "Today in History" he notes (from the Starr Report) that on this day in 1997 Monica Lewinsky took her "parting" gifts to the White House.

While Ms. Lewinsky was waiting [in the guard booth at the Northwest Gate], one officer mentioned that Eleanor Mondale was in the White House. Ms. Lewinsky correctly surmised that the President was meeting with Ms. Mondale, rather than his lawyers, and she was "livid."

As Taranto says, "Takes you back, doesn't it?"

The other thing that tickled me was this, under "It's the Eponomy, Stupid": "Police said they were looking for Adidas Fila Rowson and an unnamed suspect in the shooting. . . . An officer spotted Rowson on Sunday, but he took off on foot."

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