Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sparing a thought for Bolton

As a proud American, I'm a bit depressed to see John Bolton leaving Turtle Bay (my fave pick for a replacement: Rudy Giuliani. Let's see the Senate bat him down). He's been the best since Jeane Kirkpatrick - and she was my role model in junior high school! Mark Steyn has one of his "Topical Takes" up, a reprint of a Sun-Times column he did during the confirmation proceedings last year. I especially loved this bit - it made me laugh while sadly contemplating life without our tough-talking, mustachioed ambassador:

If he doesn't get the nomination, he's got the makings of this summer's novelty hit, "Neoconga No. 5":

A little bit of fingering of my hips
A little bit of sneeriness on my lips
A little bit of rolling of both my eyes
A little bit of petulance in my sighs
A little bit of starting to almost mock
A little 'You so totally do not rock'
A little bit of memo on your desk
A little bit of you makes me Hulk-esque!

See here for the column:

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