Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"Office Space", starring Saddam Hussein

A lot of folks are writing about the release of now-unclassified files from the Saddam Iraqi government. I'm linking to Jim Geraghty partly because he has a good roundup, and partly because I like his style.

" . . . the entire tone of the meeting [that's transcribed in the document Jim quotes - MQ] suggests that the assembled authorities are in some sort of hellish version of 'Office Space' – 'Yeah, General Amir, if you could get the inspectors out of here by Monday, that would be great… Yeaaaah.'"

Of course, no matter what our differences, one thing that's universal is distrust of the French:

Readers who are not fond of the French will probably relate to his comment by Husayn [a meeting participant - MQ]:

Until now, we have not seen the French change one bit ever, not even a hair. To be truthful before your Excellency, I do not trust the French in their current position; maybe this will change after the election. However, in this current situation sir, by God, I think that they are more distant than the Chinese are, even though the Chinese are very far also. They [French] appear in the Security Council with a yes one time and a no another time. Therefore sir, my personal belief is that they are layered [two-faced] and possibly in coordination with America and in coordination with the world.

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