Friday, July 21, 2006

Grrrrrreeaaaaaaat . . . NOW the Lebanese Army decides to "resist"

I question the timing. (As they say.) The IDF is coming to do the job they should have done (but really couldn't, according to everyone over there), and now they're going to "resist and defend"? Hmmmmm.

Lebanese defense minister: Army will fight ground invasion

Lebanon's army, which so far has sat on the sidelines of the violence raging in the country, will fight an Israeli ground invasion, Defense Minister Elias Murr said on Al-Jazeera television Thursday.

"The Lebanese army - and I stress - the Lebanese army will resist and defend and will prove that it is an army that deserves respect," he said.

In most of the previous Israeli attacks, including in 1978 and the 1982 invasion in which Beirut was occupied, the Lebanese army largely stayed out of the fighting.

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