Sunday, March 26, 2006

NiceCupOfTea: Jaffa Judgement

I adore Jaffa cakes. First ate them as snacks when we visited Britain when I was six, and it was love at first bite. It's that whole orange-chocolate-sponge base-thing. For the longest time, the only kind you could get in the States was the Marie Lu's from France, and then only if you were in a city and knew which shop to go to. Even still, the McVities are hard to find. Not easy to find in Canada, either, though such classics as Digestives and HobNobs are in most groceries here. Anyway, NCOT has a great in-depth report on my favorite non-biscuit biscuit (i.e., cookie). Amusing story at the end about the VAT troubles caused by the cakes' "cake" classification, especially when the U.K. joined the Common Market.

The Basics: McVities Jaffa Cake


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