Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cardinal Ruini: Father Santoro's cause to be opened ASAP

See, when I referred to the "martyr" of Trabzon on Thursday, I was only using quotes because I was sure his cause was eventually be introduced, and that likely he'd be quickly acclaimed as John Paul has been, but that had not happened yet, not because I was being snarky (I wasn't entirely certain that was clear - quotes can indicate both things). Well, events are catching up. The prefect of the Congregation for Causes was cautious but positive, and Cardinal Ruini (the pope's vicar for the diocese of Rome, of which Father Santoro was a priest) was about ready to open the file at Father's funeral Mass. I'm sure it will happen in due time.

But they did remember to pray for Father's soul anyway, right? I mean, I, personally, believe for certain reasons that my paternal grandmother is in heaven, but I still pray for her soul -- because I know she'd want me to! (Heck, I still pray for John Paul's soul . . . until it's official . . . I'm just like that, I guess.)

Cardinal Ruini foresees beatification of slain priest

Feb. 10 ( - A cause for the beatification of Father Andrea Santoro, the Italian missionary slain in Turkey last Sunday, will be opened as soon as possible, Cardinal Camillo Ruini announced at the priest's funeral.

. . . "In the process of beatification and canonization that I hope will be opened, we must fully respect all the laws and schedules of the Church," the cardinal said. "But today, I am persuaded that all the elements of Christian martyrdom are present in the sacrifice of Father Andrea."

The process for beatification cannot be opened until five years after the candidate's death-- thus, for Father Santoro, not before February 2011. Although the Pope can make an exception to that rule, only two such exceptions have been granted: for the causes of Mother Teresa and of Pope John Paul II.

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