Friday, January 13, 2006

Liberals - vote strategically FOR the NDP!

Haven't seen this yet anyplace:

Vote NDP to stop Harper in B.C., Layton says [and not just in B.C.]

Canadians must now vote for the New Democratic Party to stop surging Conservative leader Stephen Harper, NDP leader Jack Layton said Thursday.

Layton, who had previously fought against the Liberal argument that Canadians must vote strategically to defeat Harper, is now acknowledging that the Liberal slide is helping his cause in areas like Vancouver Island -- where the NDP is seen as the main challenger to the Tories in the six ridings here. [my emphasis]

. . . The NDP leader has refused to follow the Liberal lead in trying to demonize Harper, recognizing that Liberal attempts in the 2004 to portray Harper as a dangerous right-wing radical drove NDP voters to the Liberals, and has largely kept his own concerns about Harper to himself.

. . . Layton also refused to exploit the new controversy over B.C. candidate Derek Zeisman, who was running for the Tories in Southern Interior riding the NDP almost won in 2004.

Well, Zeisman was pulled today, so that takes care of that - good on Layton for taking the high road. Very (dare I say it?) Ed Broadman.

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