Monday, May 29, 2006

BTW, I have my own theory about "hockey hooliganism" . . .

. . . something along the lines of, the more you take the fight out, the less "polite" Canadians can displace their interior aggressions onto the game, and the more angry and violent Canadian society becomes. Need to flesh it out more, but you can see where I'm going. I mean, the violence is half the fun of it, right? If it was still the old "I went to see a fight, and a hockey game broke out", then would we have quite the "hockey hooliganism" problem? --Or, is it just North American society in general? My husband points out that there were riots in Vancouver when the CFL B.C. Lions won the Grey Cup a couple of years ago. But I still think I have a point here. Football is much more boring than it used to be, too. Loose the helmets, in both sports! That would help a lot! ;^) (Though, I'm not sure how serious I'm being here, and how silly . . .)

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